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As part of the global network of Rothschild Foundations under the leadership of Baroness Ariane de Rothschild, the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation operates according to the approach of being proactive and fundamentally involved in the entire range of projects that it partners.

The Foundation identifies societal challenges and helps spearhead innovative solutions, while building partnerships and evaluating results and social impact. To this end, the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation participates in defining project goals and accompanying implementation; it is active in the steering committees and decision-making processes, and labors constantly to assess each project and its influence, through the Foundation's measurement and evaluation unit.

In the past decade, Israeli society has undergone a number of disturbing processes, including a significant increase in social gaps, a decrease in the statistics reflecting solidarity and social responsibility, and a drastic decline in the scores of international standardized tests in education.

The Rothschild Caesarea Foundation is working in three main areas designated to best serve its goals and answer to these challenges:
Maximizing and making accessible higher education among weaker segments of the population – Activities aimed at advancing equal opportunities by offering the entire range of population groups in Israeli society the possibility of attaining higher learning that will lead to suitable employment.

Developing responsibility and social innovation among the younger generation – Activities meant to develop social responsibility among young people, leading to social innovation and the formation of a leadership network that will work to reduce gaps and promote education in Israeli society.

Promoting academic excellence Activities designed to position Israel at the vanguard of global academic research, develop the next generation of scientists, and promote research in the Foundation's areas of interest.

The Foundation's strategic plan includes the establishment and management of the BR Ambassadors as a flagship project, with the purpose of training the future generation of social and business leadership and entrepreneurship in Israel, and creating a multi-disciplinary leadership network to promote the Foundation's vision. 

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