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Rothschild Caesarea Partnerships NGO (RCP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to propelling and nurturing Israel's next generation of leaders.Our programs operate on a national scale and in diverse communities, integrating all genders, Jews, Arabs, religious and secular. RCP is a result of a unique merger of activities between Kav HaZinuk NGO and the Rothschild Ambassadors Program originally, founded by the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation.

RCP nurtures young leaders, mainly from the socio- geographic periphery. Activity is intended to assist them in developing social conceptions and necessary tools to integrate in influential positions in Israeli society to actively promote equal opportunities and construct an inclusive society.


RCP leads two major programs:

  1. Kav Ha'Zinuk (The Starting Line) program, founded in 2002, is a 10- year youth program. Entry age is 15, with a clear inclination to change- initiating social activism. Kav HaZinuk counsels and guides its participants according to values of collective responsibility, entrepreneurship, leading by example and accountability.
  2. Rothschild Ambassadors , a leadership program for undergraduate students, focuses on two main axis; Personal- academic and occupational development, Societal-social involvement, activist leadership and commitment. The program strives to minimize social gaps in Israeli society by creating equal opportunities for students from the socio- geographic periphery in the form of annual scholarships for the duration of academic studies. The programs accepts 100 new candidates annually and our Alumni Program boasts 600 leader- graduates who've entered the workforce with a social leadership toolkit.

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